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Alligator Construction Helps Family Create Their Dream Kitchen

About Season 2 / Episode 5

Miami (Weston)


In episode 5, we meet Lucy, a military wife and mother of three who loves cooking Latin-inspired meals for her family. She comes home from a day out on the town to find an empty room where her kitchen used to be. Lucy then discovers that she’s about to receive her dream kitchen from Fix This Kitchen and IKEA because of her daughter Josey’s nomination. As if this wasn’t enough of a surprise, Lucy’s husband Jose is coming home from Iraq in a week to eat his first meal in her brand new kitchen!

When Lucy was living on her own for the first time as a young adult, she was clueless in the kitchen. After many cooking lessons from her mother, she mastered the art and is now teaching her own children how to cook. Lucy is passionate about making her family amazing Dominican meals from recipes she received from her mother. Now that her children are grown and about to start their own adult lives, Lucy’s passing down everything she knows.

Unfortunately, the kitchen she’s teaching them in was less than ideal. It was old and falling apart, none of the appliances worked properly and there wasn’t enough room for her family. Lucy’s little townhouse kitchen needed a transformation in order to accommodate her big family. Josey wanted to give back to her mother, and she knew the way to her heart was through her kitchen!